Thursday, 12 October 2017

Falling in Love - The Story of Progesterone

Progesterone is produced as a tablet. This is a steroid tablet and is used as a drug to go "high" - anabolics.

But what is the real implication of this drug in our lives? We need to know more.

Courtesy: Britannica

Biological Role of Progesterone:

I do not intend to focus more on this perspective of progesterone which is well-established and is very well known to many of us. In a gist the role of progesterone has the following physiological effect every month in a successful ovulatory cycle:

1. The secretion of egg stimulates the follicle cells by the lutenising hormone to secrete less progesterone and estrogen. This continues till successful ovulation and formation of corpus luteum.

2. The corpus luteum starts to secrete progesterone. This is to aid in the preparation of the utreus to receive this egg in a bed of tissue that will provide, anchor for development of baby with enough blood supply, oxygen and nutrients.

3. The progesterone secretion continues until the peak is reached and the egg is received. If the egg is a fertilised egg the secretion of progesterone will continue. If not the unfertilised egg will stimulate the inhibition of progesterone and estrogen secretion leading to bleeding with discharge of disintegrated tissues in the uterine lining.

These are the 3 primary roles of progesterone in biological cycle.

The following chart displays level of hormones as monthly cycles:

Courtesy: Barclays

This is  CLUE as why and what people are doing and will have an implication on the monthly synchronised cycles to the biology of individual's physiology by doping with modus. PLEASE STOP!!!

Copulatory Behavioral Role of Twin Hormones:

Esterogen: Estrogen are known to do the following: female willingness to approach a male; increases the attractiveness of the female and "primes" for progesterone.

Progesterone: Progesterone has a dual role: in small amounts this will incease and supplement estrogen activity to sexual receptivity to men and libido effects during sexual intercourse; while continued use of progesterone will increase the tendency to reject sexual activity and indulge in nurturing the developing baby if pregnant. If not pregnant, this is when the contraindications of prolonged abuse of progesterone tablets will be effective.

Common contraindications of progesterone: Fatigue, dizziness and an increase appetite. There may be more severe and serious symptoms like breakthrough bleeding, menstrual cramps, bloating caused by water weight gain, moodiness, nausea, irritability and tiredness. They mimick PMS but are not PMS. Very rare symptoms will include fainting, depression, severe headaches, vision problems, breast tenderness and trouble sleeping. Stroke, blood clots and heart attack are very rare effects.

Progesterones have the ability to inhibit bleeding while estrogens stimulate bleeding and increases bleeding levels. This is why progesterones are used to treat people with heavy bleeding or abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB).

Needless to say, without an active sex life the use of these hormone tablets, especially the doses of "birth control pills" is not recommended for the contrainidcations will be amplified. This is because the sexual activity by itself will arouse umpteen physiological elicitations in the body that may in turn will have an implication in reducing the side effects of these tablets.

Needless to say, please do not use these tablets without an appropriate health practitioner's consultation and use it only for yourself. This is why these are Schedule H drugs or prescription drugs that requires to be sold only with the prescription and administered by the physician only after consulting the patient in a proper manner.

N.B: Personal Email from Minister of WCD, India for taking action as despite reporting twice of drugsters red-handed for lack of knowledge and perspectives despite "lecture time" - I still, however, await to receive my FIR copy 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Dysmenorrhea Diet Plan - Fit and Healthy!

Courtesy: Google Image Search
Dysmneorrhea is painful periods and is often considered as a misnomer with heavy bleeding. However, the fact is the painful period is often associated with heavy bleeding on more than 95% of the cases. In rare occasions, patients are observed to have scanty bleeding symptoms associated with dysmenorrhea pain.

Dysmenorrhea in the first few years of menarche are called primary dysmenorrhea. People do say this condition usually continues until the first pregnancy, rather than child birth. Any other reasons that can lead to dysmenorrhea besides medical complications including stress are called secondary dysmenorrhea.

What happens during dysmenorrhea? The pain before and during the first two to three days of periods has been attributed to the cramping of the abdominal muscles which is due to the incapacity of the muscles to be flushed liberally with blood and so scanty oxygen leading to dehydration and pain called cramps.

Usually doctors put people on pills. Yes, but of course, before reaching to a doctor, is best advised to make small lifestyle adaptations and find for yourself the difference. Probably in four to five months one may even forget the pain existence. The reason is majority of the women are forgetting the need for a healthy diet for the voluminous work that the womb does – preparation for bearing a child and so the need to flush it with nutrients and pamper your uterine muscles like how a man will pamper his biceps!

After all a biceps needs so much, then why not a woman’s uterine muscles!

Here’s a small diet plan that I devised to beat the pain with healthy diet and fitness regimen:

1. Choose a regular course of exercise regimen – especially stretches and kegels for the abdominal and pelvis muscles for about 20 to 30 minutes a day .

2. Start the morning with a glassful of water or a cup of relaxing green tea with lime.
Jump start your day with loads of antioxidants – fruits mixed with calcium, minerals, vitamins and fibers – oats or wheat meal cooked in milk. Supplement with toast and egg. Toast and egg could be replaced with the regular idli and dosa but lesser in number with or without vada as usual on an Indian morning menu. If you have space once in a week an additional course of mushrooms or tofu is a very healthy and energetic way to start the day.

3. Pack the lunch bag with regular rice or chapathi. Toss with veggies, sambar or lentils and curd. Needless to say, pack your bag with fruits and a glass of lime juice for the break. What matters is the proportion – eat nominal quantities of rice and increase the fiber content in form of veggies. Besides, while choosing the vegetables the choice is important. When the plan is a starchy vegetable then is best to pack chapathi than rice, and if rice is best to toss with high-fiber veggies and lesser quantity of rice. Cheese and pasta overloaded with veggies and /or chicken and fish are not only relishing but highly nutritive.

Courtesy: Google Image Search

4. Soon on returning home, is again time to refresh with a glass of milk only if there is a need to replenish then a glass of lime juice using the other half of the lime. There are numerous healthy Indian snacks like peanuts to nut mixtures which are nutritious despite the trans-fat if purchased.

5. What’s the dinner plate to be filled in? Simply the best way is to alternate with chapathi and rice as opposing to lunch. Sometime people may resort to idli and dosa. Whatever be on the dinner plate, is best to include enough fiber and a good practice to take a banana for desert to finish the day with enough loads of minerals. Moreover, is also good to include whenever possible a good quantity of lean mean like chicken and fish and red meat like mutton.

6. Throughout the day drink plenty of water and sleep sound for minimum 8-9 hours a day.
This is always good to take a breath of fresh air even on the terrace or somewhere out in the cool air, relaxing and reading a book or playing with a pet or by the sea.

7. I include a regular portion of nuts like sesame, flax seeds, dates or raisins and regularly organ meat to increase the blood flow and reduce the inflammatory chemicals at work.

8. Nevertheless relax and set your moods under control (I hardly have a problem with my mood) but for the shift in energy seeking more rest for the body, by using simple aroma techniques like preparing bathing hot water with jasmine or other flowers and applying my own "yellow wonder bathing powder". 

I believe, dysmenorrhea can turn to be a myth if we can learn to feed our women properly and make them healthy and fit! Feeding the uterine muscles to stay healthy strong flushed with enough blood and oxygen will regulate your periods.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Brahmin - Concluding Chapter of the Dhammapada of the Compassionate Buddha

Cross the river bravely, Conquer all your passions, Go beyond the world of fragments, And know the deathless ground of life.

Cross the river bravely, Conquer all your passions, Go beyond your likes and dislikes And all fetters will fall away.

Who is a true brahmin? Him I call a brahmin Who has neither likes nor dislikes, And is free from the chains of fear.

Who is a true brahmin? Him I call a brahmin Who has trained his mind to be still And reached the supreme goal of life.

The sun shines in the day; In the night, the moon; The warrior shines in battle; In meditation, the brahmin.

But day and night the Buddha shines In radiance of love for all.
Him I call a brahmin Who has shed all evil. He is called samana, “the serene,” And pabbajita, “a pure one.”

Him I call a brahmin Who is never angry, Never causes harm to others Even when he is harmed by them.

Him I call a brahmin Who clings not to pleasure. Do not cause sorrow to others: No more sorrow will come to you.

Him I call a brahmin Who does not hurt others With unkind acts, words, or thoughts. His body and mind obey him.

Him I call a brahmin Who walks in the footsteps Of the Buddha. Light your torch too From the fire of his sacrifice.

Not matted hair nor birth Makes a man a brahmin, But the truth and love for all life With which his heart is full.

Of what use is matted hair? Of what use a skin of deer On which to sit in meditation, If your mind is seething with lust?

Saffron robe, outward show, Does not make a brahmin, But training of the mind and senses Through practice of meditation.

Not riches nor high caste Makes a man a brahmin. Free yourself from selfish desires And you will become a brahmin.

He has thrown off his chains; He trembles not in fear.
No selfish bonds can ensnare him, No impure thought pollute his mind.

Him I call a brahmin Who fears not jail nor death.

Wanting nothing at all, Doubting nothing at all, Master of his body and mind, He has gone beyond time and death.

Him I call a brahmin Who turns his back on himself. Homeless, he is ever at home; Egoless, he is ever full.

This is the concluding chapter of the Dhammapada of the Compassionate Buddha. The word brahmin literally means &ldqauoone who is worthy of knowing God” (Brahman). Translated by Eknath Easwaran in The Dhammapada (Petaluma, California: Nilgiri Press, 1985).

Friday, 18 August 2017

Machli - Tigress Vigour - Life Journey in a Gist

Tiger Vs Tigress - Tigress wins...and here stands in the Asian tropical forests of Indian sub-continent, a magnificient hunting beast and an untamed roaring cat that shakes the forest grounds of Ranthambore National Forest especially when is time "hunting". People and teh officials named her, Machli, for the fish-shaped mark that was spotted on her face. A cub that stepped into this forest in the year 1997 when marked by the officials with the "conservation code T-16", did not realise that they are recording "an everlasting memory". Every step of this tigress and her life turned out to be "forever in our memories" in their lives. This beast grew popular for her magnificience and grandeur hunting skills and propagation.
She roamed ever nook and corner of the forests leaving a mark of her presence:
a. The lakes turned out to be her favourites cooling rest spots and so Lady of the Lakes:

Chilling Out

She cooled herself
b. She shows off her elegance over these rocky enclaves and so Tigress Queen of Ranthambore:

Jungle Boy's Sharekhan
Queen's palace, Royal Bengal Tigree Machli

c. She gave birth to 11 cubs in her fertility years between 1999 to 2006, and her partners were Babu Ram, Nick Ear and X-male (twice); and so was favouritely called "Queen mother of Tigers" - 7 female and 4 male cubs; this attracted tourists to the forests to see her pride of her cubs and helped the officials to earn a name pointing her as effective conservation including 100 million US Dollars - therefore they honoured her with a "Lifetime Achievement Award":

Machli and her 3 cubs: T17, T18 and T19
d. She roamed the forests in agility and valoured her strenght in hunting for prey and saving her cubs:

Her hunting skills

e. Her feat in hunting was demonstrated when she preyed on a 14 feet muggler crocodile creating a world record and was then on known as "Corcodile Killer" with loss of two canine teeth:
World Record Hunter Tigress
Her life became a history and she turned into a renounced VVIP animal when BBC aired her life history documetnary in 2012 in the Natural World serial epsiode: "Queen of Tigers: Natural World Special" and Tiger Queen. Adding to her recognition, in 2013, Government of India honoured her with a commemorative postal cover and stamp.

She had a royal send off on 18th August 2016 when the forest officials, Y. K. Sahu was notified of her death in the Ama Ghati Checkpost after an official post-mortem. She lived a legendary life of 20 long years, the longest life span for the Roarer, Oldest Tigress in this decade.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Why Pussy 'Purr'?

Purr..Purr. I had a "purr...purr"...Thomas who turned during good days to Brigadier Thomas by standing tall on his heels over the intruder into his territory besides me where he sleeps against  Bully Boy Jim. Jim is such an unimaginable brute and a haughty cat who will climb the stairs and turn back with a malicious smiling stare and a wagging tale in anger at me...with the only person at whom he runs away like a scary cat being Jackie brother, the dog in the neighbourhood. Jackie's Lieutinant to Birgadier Thomas for he is all willing and coming forward to pounce on this bully boy Jim even over a closed gate, as he wished he could jump that tall and land safely....all this turned out to be  "Homeward Bound" for my little Brigadier Thomas...I miss all his purr these days.

Why he Purrs? When he Purrs?
1. He Purrs when he sleeps...and in extreme satisfaction even hugs me...
An unexpected hug
2. He Purss when he wants some food..and when he waits his plate to be filled..and when he does not want me to disturb him in the midst of his meal..until he can lick and show a satiated face with his tongue swirling around his cheeks and whiskers left to right and right to left...with a gratitude "meownk you"...

Amn't I missing sipping the cup?
3. He Purrs to show his acceptance when I give him my hugs and I care actions...but not this one below...
How I learnt to frighten little pests to both of us and chide brother Jackie from puffing up my fur?
I wanted to know what stirred the Purr sound? I felt all over him and found it was from the throbbing veins. I decided to do a little more reading and science behind this. I find people say the purr pushes or calms down the beast in him and lets him save on more energy that heals and makes him stronger. Science says the Purr heals is wounds and bones,  builds his muscles and tendons, lessen pain and swelling, and eases breathing. The Purr of a cat begins in the brain that stimulates a neural oscillator messages to the laryngeal musles which in turn causes the cat to twitch at the rate of 25 to 150 vibrations per second. This spontaneously leads the vocal chords to separate when the cat breathes in and out resulting in production of involuntary noises and is what we hear as "Purr". I realised in the end that this is not his veins but his vocals that's rumbling.

Did you know? All cats don't Purr: those that ROAR don't PURR.
All cats that Purr have completely ossified hyoid while the roars are bigger rumbles of magnified Purr that results due to incompletely ossified hyoid. So what's more is that Snow Leaopard, an in between, can do both, Roar and Purr. This is a "Purr" classification criteria in the cat species.

Do you want a Purr or a Roar??? I like my Purr.
University of Minnesota Stroke Center states that the cat Purr helps to relieve stress and lowers blood pressure in owners than any other pets.

Needless to say, Little Thomas working on his way to occupy the space of my mouse pad replacing the mouse for himself makes life nothing more livable than for all the love he expresses for his mistress, no one inanimate but only himself.  

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Coconut Water - Traditional Sports Drink by Nature

Coconut water is the refreshing nutrient loaded sports drink that is available from nature. Nothing surpassing this small loaded nutrient water has been manufactured until to date. This I say for the reason that once you drink the little water stored in the green shell and relish the remaining water that hardened as the soft white shell, you will sustain the heat for hours unlike the artifical sports drink that will required the next round and more in litres.
What makes this coconut water a nutrient rich rehydrating drink?
USDA database shows that there are 93 nutrients in this water stored inside green or red coconut hell of fibred and a hard nut. I find this drink interesting and as this revealed me certain facts:
1. This had the least amount of glucose and no caffeine that will boost the energy but still rejuvenates back from tiredness;
2. 95% of the content is only plain water;
3. Polyphenol protected outer covering do not contaminate the drink and so is devoid of polyphenols;
4. Enriched with loads of amino acids (I found this is the most interesting fact and anyone trying a business idea - You owe me a lifelong royalty ;-D) - I'm settled for life isn't it?
5. Rich in B-complex vitamins and Vitamin C which explains the condiment taste;
6. High in selenium, a micronutrient from the soil...nature's gift explained - and loads of minerals.
This explains the rarest and the best combination that is needed on teh strenous field or on a hot day out.

Health benefits of Coconut water:
People list so many benefts of coconut water: hair, eyes, skin, stomach, etc. But here I will list some of the vital points where the use of coconut water may play a commendable role.
a. A very good rehydrating drink - good on a hot day and on the field; but I never say you should rely only on this.
b. Good as diluent for cosmetic purposes: helps in hair growth and maintenance like coconut oil; heals and nourishes skin.
c.. This is good for treating constipation and to control diarrhoea - so should be used wisely.
d. Coconut water is a very good ingredient that detoxifies the blood of poisons and toxins.
e. This heps in relieving stress and boosts immunity.
f. This is a very good rehydrating drink when someone is on medications that will raise body temperature; but in such cases is always good to seek doctor's advice on including this as a component of the diet when they prescribe a diet as well.
g. This is a very good first-aid drink and for treating cramps.
h. This is very good option to rest on while slimming and reducing weight for has the properties to satiate cravings.
Even if I write all about coconut drink, you will find me not drinking this as often as you will expect for the cost of the drink and the size of my appetite.
Happy Cocoa!!!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

How do I Hear the Sound of Sea in a Seashell?

On a sunny Sunday bech is fun. Isn't it more fun to collect seashells to hear sea and ocean sounds. How do the sea shells replay the recorded sound of the ocean?

Let's bust the truth!
All noises around you enter the sea shell along with the air that flows through it. So what happens to the sound waves entering the sea shell?
 1. The sound waves are resonated. In other words reflected. This explains teh chaos....All the surrounding noises are mixed up and comes out through the shell, the region through which you hear as a different but modified frequencies. Needless to say, the glazed and spiral shape of the sea shell amplifies the reflection of the sound waves inside the sea shell. Thus there is an amplification of the phenomenon of resonance.

2.  These chatic noises or sound waves that emerge from the sea shell into our ears are manipulated by our human brain that is vivid that the noise is coming out of the sea shell and the fact that we hear "sound of the sea" in the sea shell. So the brain network interconnects this chaotic noise to "sound of the sea" which is also a chaotic noise as the waves dash against the sand and each other.

And here is how you can have them trapped for ever digitally. :-)

Friday, 7 July 2017

Hinduism and Hylotheism: Goddess Mariamman - Goddess of Prosperity is the Vantage to Freedom

Amongst controversial deabtes I see around me, I better explain a small background to the topic that I intend to contemplate in this blog. It's all about prayers and devotion to Goddess to bless the harvest for the last year and to bring prosperity, fertility, health and healthy progeny in the year to come.

The incarnation of Godess has its own roots to Hindu mythology and to the Sangam literature wherein Kings were blessed of the omnipresence of Goddess chosen places to build her the divine abode. These are the places where the Mariamman festivals are renounced. Some of the popular places of festive for this Goddess who can bless health, wealth and offspring are Trichy, Tanjore, Madurai, Karur, Chennai, Salem, Virudhunagar, Sivakasi, Vellore, Erode, etc. The Goddess is depicted in two forms: "happy"- red clad beautiful woman in her own austere temperament or "angered" - Spartan Gooddess depicted with fangs and mane signifying the outpour against wrong deeds. She being the Goddess of rain turned ubiquitous and reached smaller corners of villages with its own myth for evolution. Whatever be the reason, her abode once destined turns sacred and multiplies standing for the name, Goddess Mariamman. The word 'Mari' means 'rain' and 'amman' means "resident or citizen or onw who stays in this place for a long time". This is the reason why every village mariamman has her own binding to the native population.

The worship of Mariamman has evolved with time implying more on the welfare and the prosperity of the people and their expression of devotion in need or gratitude. There is sheer display of extremism many a times in the worship of Goddess Mariamman displaying the desperate man seeking supranatural divine but good blessings of God. Some of these include walking on heated charcoal, carrying pots of charcoal fire, tribulatory blessings of having weapons pierced through the skin, rolling on the floor, carrying pots of charcoal to more subtle prayers like fasting and wearing yellow clothes, carrying margosa and neem leaves, drummers and dancers banging and singing songs. Some people offer or sell their harvests like goats and chickens and feast on them. Some of the foods prepared in the premises of the temple or in worship places are porridge and pongal. The Goddess is adorned with a vareity of flowers. All forms of worship are done with the underlying intention to appease the Goddess to bring rain, heal diseases and bless with good husbands for the unmarried and offsprings to the married.

Having explained the various forms of worhsip of Goddess Mariamman, I will like to question the misconceptions and modern practices. The divine supremacy has been accepted and the concept of worshipping Goddes Mariamman seems to swirl aroound "bringing rain" for the land thrives on the monsoon for agriculture and water for cattles and human-self. This is other words means that people believed nature like a women who is able to give birth to a child and so took the form of Goddess Mariamman, the Goddess of Rains or Monsoon. This equals to fertility. No where I find God forbids the longevity of a womb but only people seemed to worship and pray for fertility, vitality, well-being and life for all. Will anyone pray for the destruction of fertility of another woman? I tried finding out from the mouth of the horse that maybe pulling the rope of axe, illusively as carrot of faith, on its head for others to scapegallows.

Sunday, 16 April 2017


प्रोझसतिरान दवायि कि उपयोग|

मेरि प्र्यान:

मै सब्को प्रोझसतिरान दवायि गलत तरिके से उपयोग करने के लिये मना करो | दवायि देने कि अदिकार थो सिर्फ़ डाक्टर के पास हि हो| उन्कि बिना कोयि और को देने कि अदिकारनहिन और उसे "येम्र्झन्सि खान्ट्रासेप्शन" भोल्ने कि अदिकार नहिन है| पोलिस्वालोन और कोई को भि उपयोग कर्न्ने के लिये अदिखार नहिन हैन और वोह गडि है| इस दवायि कि कारन रखर सिवगन्गै से मदुरै से छेन्नै तक कोयि कि कमियाबि को अमिलियो पोन्नु लड्कि ने सारि जिन्दजि छूरायि | मैने 2014 से 2017 अबि तक इस दवायि कि कारन शरिर से तक्लिफ हो रहि हैन| उन्लोगोने मेरि शरिर को तक्लिफ देने के लिये येसे कि और उन्को येसे हि पैसा कमाय रहि है| और तरिके से भोल्ना है थो उन्ने कोयि और लड्कियो कि शरिर को भेझ रहै है | इस्से डाल्कर उन्लोगोन्ने ब्लाक्मैल किया कोइ आर्मिवालो मे गल्त बोल्ने के लिये| मे रि प्यरि जिदगि कब वापस मेरे पास आयेन्गि?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

THIS BLOG IS FOR KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS ONLY. YOU'RE LIABLE TO LEGAL CONTROVERSIES AND IMPRISONMENT TO STIR GROUPIST ACTIVITIES AND RIOTS FOR PERSONAL BENEFITS: எச்சரிக்கை!!! தவிர்ப்போம்! தவிர்ப்போம்! தனிமனித உரிமை, பெண்ணுரிமைக் காப்போம்!!!நம் முன்னுரிமை உடல்பலம் உரிமை!

புரோஜஸ்திரான் மாத்திரையின் மருத்துவ உபயோகம்:

 எனது இப்பயனத்துக்குக் காரணம்:

என் வாழ்க்கையின் உச்சக்கட்ட வெறுப்பைக் உண்டாக்கியப் பெறுமை புரோஜஸ்திரான் மாத்திரைக்கு உண்டு. அதற்குக் காரணம் குற்றம் செய்யப் பயன்படுத்துவதுதான். ஒரு பெண் மீது அபாண்டாமாய் பழி போட உபயோகித்ததுதானாகும். அந்தப் பெண் நாந்தான். இதனால்தான் இதனை எழுதுகிறேன். இதனை இவர்கள் மகப்பேறு மருத்துவரின் ஆலோசனையின்றி உபயோகித்தள் சட்டப்படிக் குற்றம் - இதனின் அர்த்தம் அதனைக் கொடுப்பவர்கள் மீது சட்டப்படி நடவடிக்கை நமக்கு உரிமை உண்டு. அதுவும் அவர்கள் கொடுக்கும் பொழுது மறுத்ததால் தாமாக உணவீல் கலந்து கொடுத்து பழிபோட்டு ஏலனம் பேசி கலிக்கூருவதும் மட்டுமல்லாமல் வழி வேதனையைக் கண்டு மகிழ்வது எந்த வகையில் ஞாயம்? இந்த ஈனச் செயலை ஒரு கணவன் செய்தால் அக்குற்றத்திற்குப் பெயர் "மிரைட்டல் ரேப்".

இந்தக் குற்றத்தினால் நான் பல வருடங்களாய் அவதிப்பட்டுக் கொண்டிருக்கிறேன். இதனை வைத்து பெரிய உள்நோக்கத்தை நிரைவேற்ற முயற்ச்சிக்கிறார்கள். 2014 ஏஃப்ரல் மாதம் முதற்கோண்டு மிரட்டுகிரார்கள். ஆனால் எனது அறியாமையினாலும் மற்றும் திடமாக பேச இயலாமல் இருந்ததினாலும் 2015 ஜனவரி மாதம்தான் என்னால் மனு கொடுக்கமுடிந்தது. அதன் விளைவாக நியமிக்கப்பட்டதன் போலிச் அதிகாரியின் விசாரைனையின் மூலமாக நானும் தெரிந்ததுக் கொண்டேன் அவர்கள் போதைத்தடைச் சட்த்தின்கீழ் குற்றம் புரிகிறார்கள்.

ஆனால் அவரோ அதனைவைற்று ஆதாயம் தேடுகிறார்கள். ஆந்த அதிகாரிக்கு உடந்தையாகாகச் சில பெண் போலீச் அதிகாரிகளும் ஆணவ விளையாட்டாய் அவர்களின் மன வெறியை வெளிப்படுத்துகிறார்கள். இதற்குக் காரணம் என்னவென்று நான் அறியேன். அவர்கள் அதிகாரத்தை வெளிப்படுத்தளின் காரணமாக தூண்டுவிடுகிறார்கள். இக்குற்றவாளிகளுக்கு உதவவும் செய்கிறார்கள். அவர்களும் பங்கேர்ப்பதுதான் இன்னாட்டிற்கு அவமானம்.

என் மனுவை ஒப்புமூலம் உத்திரவாதமாய் 10 அதிகாரமுடையவர்கள் தெரிவித்தார்கள். அந்த மருந்தை தயார்ச் செய்யும் நிறுவனமும் அதில் அடங்கும். அது அவர்களின் உரிமம் பெற்ற நாமம் ஆகும். அதனால் முறைபடி அதனை இவ்வதிகாரியானவன் ஃப்ரன்சிக் மற்றும் குற்றக் கண்ணோட்டதுடன் விசாரித்து சமர்ப்பித்திருந்தால் இந்நிறுவனமும் மேல்முறையிடுச் செய்திருப்பார்காள்.

இவ்வாறு இந்த மருந்தினைக் கொண்டு பெண்களை அவமானம் செய்யும் ஈனப்பிறவிகள். அவளின் கருப்பையினை அவமதித்து சந்தோக்ஷம் படும் மூடர்கள்.

மருத்துவ முறைகளையும் உலக மருத்துவ பழக்கத்தை நிற்வகிக்கும் நிறுவனமான் ஃப்டிஏ, இந்திய ஃப்டிஏ நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க முடியும் என்று மிண்ணஞ்சல் மூலம் தெரிவித்தார்கள். இந்திய நாடு ஏன் விபச்சார மைதானமாயும் பெண் சித்திரவதையின் விளையாட்டரங்காயும் மாறிவிட்டது? இதற்க்காக வேலை வாய்ப்புகளைத் தட்டிப்பறித்துவிட்டு சூழ்நிலைகளுக்கு பலவினமானவளாய் ஆக்க நினைப்பதன் காரணம் ஏன்?

இதன் காரணமாக நான் பல வாய்ப்புகளை இழந்து நிற்கதியாய் எனது சுற்றி இருக்கும் சமுதயாத்தில் தன்மானமின்றி வாழ இடம் வழிவகுக்கிறார்கள். பெண் என்பவாளாய் உன் தாய்மையையாயினும் உன் உடல் வலிமையாயினும் அதனை சுகமாய் அல்லாமல் மதிக்க கற்றுக்கொடுப்போம்! மறுப்பீர்!! மறுக்க கற்றுக்கொள்வீர்கள்!"முடியாது!" என்பது எனது உரிமை!!! இது என் குரல்!!!

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Medroxyprogesterone (Amen) Drug Information - Indications, Dosage, Side Effects and Precautions: Medroxyprogesterone(Amen) generic is a progestin hormone, prescribed for menstrual problems, breast cancer and prevention of pregnancy. It stops the growth of the lining of the uterus and induces the uterus to produce certain hormones.

Personal message:

Talk against purport use of this drug without a gynec consultation and spread as a misnotion that can be used as emergency contraceptives. Say "no" to use this drug even if police women and any men ask to use other than a proper doctor. There is a problem spread from Sivagangai and Madurai to Chennai, especially by a nicknamed trafficking group, amelio ponnu. In my case, DCP, LO on me reporting personally of a blackmail to use had one police man deputed to investigate in January 2015 and he found as faux drugs. But they for their own worldly pleasures started to torture to use this drug and it continues. There were 10 departments backing my complaint including the TM billion dollar business magnets of their TM  brand name that is being used. They accepted as their product is being used to savage reproductive health in turn life that gives life gruellingly and finding sadistic pleasure in pain of this womb that knows to wail. FDA US forwarded an email for FDA India to take action. Is India turning into a prostitution ground? I declared an open statement - 1 reason I'm being blackmailed and threatened since 2014 April to use this drug on my own and lodge complaint on army personnels but found have spread rumours that I intended to spend time as I came out of my house from April 2014 to attend interviews for my livelihood to Chennai and on need basis in Madurai. In fact I had numerous good opportunities for a leash of life to my family after being harassed.

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Celebrate and Win This WED(World Earth Day)ing Day With Me!!! Let's Join to Show a Little Care to God's Owned!!!

This year World Earth Day (WED) on April 22nd, 2017 is going to be a memorable one if you will all co-operate!

I decided that I can move a step ahead by introducing a logo for this campaign and so our community; and thought we, the valuable members, and others who are interested can give a helping hand!!!

Anyone interested can join this logo competition!!! Age is not a bar!!!
Create a logo and send a PDF and .JPEG file to and WIN PRIZES!!!
1. Participants need to register their entry with a small fee of Rs. 25/- per entry submitted.
2. Logo file should not be more than  500 KB.
3. Entries should be submitted as PDF and .JPEG or .TIFF files to the email id:
4. Only registered entries will be considered for the prizes.
5. All entries submitted are sole property of this community and cannot be reproduced or submitted elsewhere.
6. Last Date for submitting entry is until the GOAL is reached - A Contribution to the Temple Elephant - to begin with Temple City of Madurai!!!
7. Winners will be announced within 7 working days.


 And See For Yourself, Your City Temple Elephant All Decored Giving Them Their Royal Deity, Royal Goddess Omnipresent!!!!

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My Memories

Here I publish a few of my blogs that I wrote in Wikinut, a freelance writers royalty blog. As they closed the Royalty Program, I herewith in belief that they will soon close the website as well, will like to have my writings published on this blog....Many are of my childhood essays and poems as well. Find them all in few posts and happy reading :-)!!! I authored under a nickname "Ecoplants"!

Post 1: What makes Indian women stand out amongst men from differing races?

Here in this article series you will find the secrets of this day women, who still keep to their lifestyle and culture, with no loss of their place in the hearts of men worldwide. This article will be coming out in series, with a time gap of once in two months, however older articles will receive updates every now and then! So please kindly keep visiting until the next post comes in!

Indian Women - Series 1: Hairstyles

Indian women have long been known as the heart throb of men worldwide. If I had to cite one example, no wonder, will be the Miss World crowned Ms Aishwarya Bacchan, who was stunningly dressed up to receive the applauds and commendations from the conductor of the show!

If there is one single reason I could state at this instance, I will immediately remember the gorgeous Hair and Hairstyles that Indian Women adore.

Indian women take real care of their hair. Most of them use a number of aromatic substances and natural conditioners to make their hair look strong and healthy. In fact, there is one infamous historical argument between two great Tamil poets of ancient time over the aroma from the hair of Indian women is innate or because of the substances that she uses to wash her hair.

Hairstyles by Indian women are well appreciated and is adopted by many women of Western Countries who love the natural black hair of Indian women, and I was no exceptional when I was in abroad!

If you would like to have a quick look at some of the adorable Indian hairstyles, watch this video that I adopted from somewhere in YouTube!

By Ecoplants, 24th Dec 2010.

Post 2: Learning To Control Your Anger - Anger Management For Real Anger And Not Induced Anger

This article discusses about identifying real anger out of frustration and failures that certain individuals show on someone whom they love. This is not discussing the anger that is induced by teasing and bullying, the notion behind this is to put you down.

Anger Management For Anger And Not You! 

Anger management is only successful if you could know and understand more about your “anger” and more about the types of anger that you are facing.

What is anger? 

Anger is something that results because of certain circumstantial emotional and physical changes, which is of natural occurrence or owing to others intruding behavior. This is a normal process, and you are a normal human being only if you get angry, as this is part of normal human evolution and adaptation. The science of anger is best explained with the increase in the surge of adrenaline results in fight and not flight.

While the cause of anger is resolved, the effect of the resentment remains, and has to be dealt appropriately. This has been attributed due to the surge of adrenaline and the related physical effects of the surge in energy are taken either on another person or on an object or to self-harm.

Consequences of Anger:

There are two consequences of anger:

a. You let your anger go off a free hand that will result either in uncontrolled verbal abuse or in physical abuse. This is the instance that the opponent or the cause of anger might also be in the same physical and emotional state, though you may be on the right side of judgment.
b. Another possibility is to suppress the energy until you are angry next time and this can result in pent up emotions, which will increase the surge of adrenaline, and will lead to overreaction. The aftermath of this is frustration or shame and will result in repression of feelings.

Anger is managed when this happens on a mutual conflict in relationship, while the anger instigated on one person in purpose, then the other person is responsible for this scenario and will require psychological and psychiatric assessment for finding out the reason for their teasing habit.

How do you prepare yourself for anger management?

When you decide to seek help for anger management, you can do adopt one of the following strategies – anger management courses, anger management resources from a counselor, and programs.

People who can help you in finding one of these solutions are:
Your primary doctor can refer you to a counselor
Your friends and family can give you recommendations based on their prior experiences
Your health insurance, employee assistance programs and church can help you or provide you with the same service
Internet search and state or local agencies can recommend
Court and public and private libraries can provide you details on these support groups and resources

Managing your anger:

 Anger management is the process of finding out the reasons for your anger, learning to take actions to resort the reasons emotionally in the first sense, followed by physical dealing of the situation in a very positive manner. This is not holding up your anger for penting up your emotions, and feeling angry has been recognized as a normal and healthy emotional feeling. The most effective way to control your anger is by taking a sincere positive approach with the help of anger management classes or with the help of a professional medical mental health counsellor.

a. Recognizing why you are angry:
The feeling of anger has both positive and negative emotions. When you plan for managing your anger, the first step is to list out and make yourself aware of the positive feelings, for which you will require a second hand.
Some of the strategies to recognize the positive feelings of your anger are:
· Seeking help from a non-contact competitive sport
· Learning relaxation techniques and/or meditation
· Shouting and screaming in a private and quiet place in loneliness to prevent further complications and has been advised for other issues also
· Banging your fists onto your pillow
· Running or dancing until exhaustion

These actions will in the foremost will help you to calm down the instant surge of adrenaline and the rush of energy to fight and will prevent bottling up feelings.

Anger management is like a volcano that can spit lava every now and then in small amounts via weak points easily without the requirement of much pressure to come out from the inner earth. If this does not occur, when the lava forces itself outside, then they build up pressure until there is enough pressure to force themselves outside, which when major natural volcanic calamity occurs.

How to identify the reasons for anger? Simple techniques of paying attention in identifying triggers and the physical and emotional signs will help in identifying and designing the best anger management program for the individual.
Identify the stressors that will trigger or worsen your anger like frustration, children, partner, financial stress and work-place issues.
Physical signs of your feelings of anger will include clenching your fists to control your anger or releasing the energy surge by driving your vehicle fasts. These are only a few examples.
Emotional signs will include like sensations to let out the excess energy or tactics of holding up your emotions.

b. Anger Management:

Therapy and classes for managing your anger will include psychotherapeutic techniques and is done in one-on-one sessions, with partners, children and family members and in groups over a few months or weeks.
The aim of these courses will help you focus on various tasks of management of anger like:
Identify situations that are responsible for triggering those feelings that are non-aggressive initially and then can set you off those aggressive feelings and make you mad.
What triggers illogical thinking that is being blinded by anger and what can correct that.
Keeping yourself calm when you are upset.
Learning to express assertively your feelings that trigger the emotion of anger.
Focus on problem solving and conflict resolution, which relieves and releases the energy surge that comes when you get angry for resolving the situation.

c. Dealing With Situations:

Dealing with those situations that triggers your anger will involve sincere effort and a well-prepared mind to face situations. This will require practice and you should be able to foresee the situations that can trigger anger. This will help you to deal with the situations and not your anger, and makes managing anger much easier.

1. Step One: Make a list of situations that triggers anger in you. You may either note down immediately after you explode your anger out, or get someone to do this for you, or think back about this.
2. Step Two: Ask yourself the following questions:
· How do you make your list more precise?
· Since, you are out of your mind when angry, is the person who is helping you, your friend and relative being reliable or is being factualist and not interpretive?
· How do I keep the situation under control?
· Imagine yourself to be the other person who is your well-wisher and is not getting angry and him/her to be in your shoes; and how you will advice and react.

These two are the most important and the first step that shows that you have decided to manage your anger.

d. Anger Resolution and Not Conflict Resolution:

I will be discussing one of the most popular anger management technique that will be discussed here is the CUDSAIR methods, which was developed by Professor Richard Nelson-Jones. This tells you how to face anger to overcome the habit of getting angry or using angry as an instrument to get things done or using anger as a weapon. This is essential to manage anger for the physical surge that occurs in the course of the expression of the emotion anger, which when controlled and pented up or when this happens quite often is sure to take a toll on your health.

· Confronting that you are angry is the first step to face the problem and not the person or the cause of the trigger. At this instance, this is good to state your emotions and feelings occurring within you. This will vary with every individual.
· Understanding the trigger for anger not only in your shoes, but also in the shoes of the opponent is also important. This is when a third person, a counselor might be able to help, and this is called the process of conflict resolution. Listening to the point of view of both the individuals involved is important. The job of the counselor here will be to find out the differences of opinion.
· One simple solution to these disagreements is to adopt the most popular Australian way of “Agree to Disagree”! Ultimately, you have achieved to define the cause of the problem for your anger. This is technically termed as Defining the problem.
· On identifying the trigger for anger, Search for solutions. Finding solution is different from finding faults and blaming each other. Brainstorming all the possible solutions that you could think of as a counsellor and as victims, tell what you will feel as a just solution to the problem.
· Agreeing to the solution resolved is a difficult job, but is in the hands of the counselor who is handling the case, to be smart enough and tactful to make both them agree mutually to a justful solution that the innocent be not blamed or will be the loser.
· On agreement to a consensus solution to the trigger for the anger, you will start to Implement the solution, and set small targets and bigger goals in resolving the problem and in overcoming the residual anger. One has to note that this is not possible to change emotions unless you realize that you were on the wrong side. However, if you are on the side of righteousness, anger and resentment can only be managed. This is very important to move forward and go ahead in your life, and at the same time, forgetting not to resort the problem rather than live with the problem.
· Reviewing the commitment and keeping track of how both the individuals involved are in the anger management classes doing with the plan designed for them on a case-by-case basis. The counselor will let you both go off happily either until both of you are able to meet each other peacefully or until he/she is happy that you are individually able to tackle your emotions of getting angry. Care has to be taken that overdoing these sessions can in fact trigger anger.

Why do we need to resort to anger management?

Anger can lead to various emotional mishaps to you like, frustrations, hating yourself for not being able to control your feeling, and resentment that you are not being allowed to be yourself and disrupting your peace of mind.

Coping anger well is a learned behavior unlikely to happen owing to frustration. Anger management will teach you how to use those trigger for anger in a way that the very same will work positively for you.

Feeling angry is a normal emotion and if you regret for the emotion triggered in you, then you are a learned human being. However, is best advised not to keep the anger within and try to talk about your anger to someone before these damages relationships. Some of the positive signs that an anger management program or course will work well for you will include:
· Letting out your anger without penting this up! All you will experience is the feeling of holding your angry emotions with no physical and emotional damage.
· Facing frequent argumentative conversations all of a sudden, that will include your partners and family members.
· Breaking law and initiation of physical violence.
· Threat to violence and property.
· Reckless driving and breaking things during an argument.

Benefits of Anger Management:

Well, why should I control my anger? Everyone is quite used to this…but you will find more love and care when you get rid of anger. You will find that you are able to express your resentment and disappointment without getting angry or frustrated.

Managing anger effectively will help you to:
· Argue less so that you will learn to communicate effectively with tactfulness with the happiness of not giving into and at the same time of not letting down your opponent.
· Maintain a healthy lifestyle that you will find avoiding headaches, sleep problems, digestion problems and high blood pressure.
· Depression and development of interpersonal relationship conflicts can be avoided.
· Build confidence and perseverance over your frustrations by taking up the challenge and sorting problems to overcome difficulties.
· Avoiding addictive habits and abuse of substances like alcohol, food and drugs.

Though anger management is a necessary and is something that a learned individual will exhibit, everyone have his or her limitations and threshold level. Keep in mind; this is not fair to test the ability of someone anger management skills.

BBC Health - Coping Anger Management
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Mayo Clinic - Anger Management For A Healthy Life